Make Him Want Me

Your boyfriend has gone and all you want in life now is to know "how to make him want me?" Breaking up is tough, especially when you did not instigate the split.  That feeling of hurt in the core of your stomach is so difficult to get away from.

But, even if it was your man that walked away from the relationship, was it actually him that instigated it, or was it you?

That might sound crazy with the way you are feeling right now! What I mean is was something you did that made im leave you?

You need to understand what went wrong before you can set about fixing it.  Think about it for a while … "what can I do to make him want me again?" … "what did I used to do when we first met that he loved?" … ask yourself these questions as the part of getting your ex back.

Sometimes it happens that a relationship ends even though there is still love between the partners. This happens when one of the partners makes some regular mistakes and possibly behaves badly towards the other.

If you believe the love is still deep enough between you both it is worth fighting to get your ex boyfriend back.

So what do you do, what will make him want me again?

Firstly you have to stop feeling sorry for yourself, you want him to desire you, not pity you!

Work out what you did that he disliked and make a resolution to change, its the only way you can win him back long term.

Boost your confidence with a makeover.  Looking good will make you feel good, plus the next time he sees you, he’ll look twice and start to think about what he is missing and what he has lost!

Remember, a man will make decisions based on lust and desire, so make him want you badly … get a new hairstyle and some sexy new clothes … blow his mind!  Let him know you are coping with the break up, let him see you confident, let him see you looking good so that he starts to feel jealous and vulnerable … do this and you’ll "make him want me again!"

These are just a few basics to getting your ex back. 

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